My new Sailor Moon tattoo! <3


My new Sailor Moon tattoo! <3


"The Polish translation of Sailor Moon, while very good in most parts, had Sailor Venus’ "crescent beam" spell translated into "peas and beans", probably because the translator mistook the word "bean" for "beam" and just ran with it."

??? Can any Poles confirm this??

Edit: “The Hungarian dub was likewise fond of terribly bizarre translations. … When Sailor Moon thanks Tuxedo Mask for saving her in an episode, in the dubbed version she instead reciprocates by shouting “Go away, you filthy man!” While the animation, of course, still shows her being all happy.”



Guess my Muse is still pretty caught up on paper crafting. -_- I was so pumped about working on this piece that I got it done in 48 hours, but I’m now paying for it with a massive headache, blurry eyes, and sore shoulders. @_@

I had wanted to do a Princess Tutu paper craft, but I had trouble with composing the piece. I had already bought some shinny gold foil paper for Tutu’s crown, and thinking about what I can do with it, I remembered this artwork from the fifth Sailor Moon artbook, and I thought it would be perfect for Galaxia. In some ways making a paper craft based on existing artwork is easier, as the drawing is already there, but in other ways it’s also harder, because there are angles and details that are hard to replicate in paper form. Still, I think recreating Naoko Takeuchi’s art in paper is pretty fun, and I’m hoping to make another one just not in 48 hours.

I had initially wanted to imitate the background in the original artwork, but unlike 2D art, paper craft is 3D, and with no line art visible the paper figure fades into the background. So I chose to use a black background with some gold art deco inspired borders, which I felt was well suited for Galaxia’s nickname, The Golden Queen.

ルポルテ。施術中 #movie